Transportation Forms

all forms must be approved annually

The Washington County School District is legally responsible to transport all school-age children, K-6 who live one and one-half miles or more from their designated school and students in grades 7-12 who live two miles or more from their designated school.

3.11.  Establishment of Bus Routes and Stops - Approved 9-9-80 (Revised 11-8-83)

Transportation will establish bus stops and routes in accordance with state standards and regulations.

3.12.  Ineligible Students

3.12.1.  Ineligible students may ride the school bus to and from an existing bus stop, on a (space available) basis provided that neither time, mileage, nor other appreciable cost is added as a result of this service.  Student must be annually registered and have a space available form completed and on file.  Space available passes will not be issued during the first month of school.

 Form 602 -- In Lieu Of Application (Note:  Payment will be made upon approval from the date Transportation receives the application.)

Form 603 -- Request for Bus Stop Change

Form 611 -- Student Transportation Request for Payment

Please fax all completed forms to: 435-652-4710