Vehicle Use

wcsd vehicle use procedures and expectations

The Washington County School District maintains a fleet of vehicles for official district business. These vehicles are available on a mileage basis for individuals designated by the District.  The cost per mile is located at

Proper Authorization

The following procedures apply to all employees requesting a district owned vehicle or the person responsible for the vehicle:

  • All district employees must have a valid drivers license and two years as a licensed driver to drive district vehicles.  
  • All drivers must pass the defensive driving test located on the Utah State Risk Management website:
  • All drivers will be required to sign a Vehicle Use Agreement prior to driving a district vehicle.  The requester must return the agreement to the person responsible for the vehicle.  A copy of this agreement can be found at theend of this document or on the district website under forms.  This agreement will acknowledge that the employee has read a copy of the Washington County School District Procedures and Expectations, and understands Policy 1520 Employee Accident Reporting, as well as Administrative Letter #25.  The Vehicle Use Agreement should be sent to the district Risk Management Specialist to be kept on file.
  • The employee taking the vehicle must complete the log located in the vehicle. This log includes the name of the employee, purpose of the trip, date, destination, and beginning and ending mileage.  Fuel purchases should be logged in the same logbook. 
  • Fuel cards are assigned to the vehicle and should only be used for that vehicle.  A card will be issued to you when picking up the vehicle.  A pin number will be issued at the same time.  You will need the pin number and correct odometer reading when it is time to fuel.  Fueling procedures must be followed each time the vehicle is fueled.  The following information must be included when you log your fuel purchase:
    • the correct odometer reading,
    • total gallons purchase,
    • date,
    • and the total dollar amount of purchase.

The receipts will need to be kept with the information you received at the vehicle checkout.  At the completion of your travel the bag with the keys, fuel card, and fuel receipts are to be turned back in to the person responsible for the vehicle.  With the information you received during vehicle checkout you will find a list of places that accept the state fuel card.  All Maverick stores take the state fuel card.  Employees are asked to always use the state card for refueling whenever possible, because taxes will automatically be excluded.  If you cannot find a place that takes the state fuel card, you can use a station card (for example, Shell or Phillips 66) located in the packet.   In the event of an emergency where you are unable to find a place that accepts either the state fuel card or the station card, employees may pay for fuel using their personal funds, and submit their receipt for reimbursement.  Employees should note on the log that their personal card was used, but otherwise follow the same procedures. 

SUVs are also available for district employee use through an approved travel request.  Employees who wish to use SUVs must follow the proper procedures outlined in WCSD Policy 7020 In-State Field and Activity Trips, and have prior approval from the administrators who oversee the budgets.  SUVs must be requested at least ten working days in advance, 15 days if it requires district administrative approval. 

Returning the Vehicle

The vehicle must be returned clean (garbage removed), and fueled (no less than 3/4 of a tank).  The vehicle must be returned to the same location.  The employee should ensure that the mileage log requirements are completed and all receipts are in the bag with the keys.  If the district or school building is closed, the bag should be placed in the designated drop box. 

Personnel Responsible for Vehicles

Personnel who have been given the responsibility for a vehicle(s) must:

  • Be able to locate the car at all times.
  • Issue an Employee Vehicle Use Agreement to each person that drives the vehicle.  The agreement forms must be signed and returned before the employee is permitted to drive the vehicle.  Submit the signed form to the district office Risk Management Specialist.
  • Send fuel receipts to the Transportation Department on a monthly basis.  Scanned copies of the vehicle logbook should also be sent to the Transportation Department monthly, providing them with up-to-date odometer readings.
  • Review and initial each completed page in the logbook in the vehicle on a monthly basis.  By initialing the logbook, you are verifying that, to the best of your knowledge, it is a full and complete accounting of the vehicle use. 
  • Contact the Director of Transportation or the District Internal Auditor immediately if you discover receipts that do not match the logbook, if any of the information in the logbook appears to be incomplete or intentionally misleading, or if you come across any other information suggesting that the vehicle or the fuel cards were used by an employee for personal purposes unrelated to official district business. 

The Transportation Department

The Transportation Department receives gas receipts and odometer readings monthly from each person responsible for a district vehicle.  The logbooks and fuel receipts must be kept for four years.  When the vehicle is brought in for service, the Transportation Department will review the logbook. The Transportation Department will perform spot audits to ensure logbooks, receipts and bills match.  The District Internal Auditor may also do random audits.