Ten Period Block


Enterprise High School adopted the Ten-Period Block schedule in 2008. Since that time, scores in each of the core areas of mathematics and language arts have shown dramatic increases in learning proficiency.


Washington County School District is committed to ensuring high levels of learning for every student. In our high schools, educators have been working diligently to create extra learning time. Educators are attempting to intervene/extend using a variety of methods most often during lunch time or before/after school. In order to ensure that our students learn at high levels, it is critical that we embed into our daily schedule extra time for learning (for both interventions and extensions) and flexible time to allow options for both teacher teams and students. The Ten-Period Block schedule provides that extra time for learning.

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Students who attend a Ten-Period Block school will experience:

  • options for additional course offerings to include a variety of electives.
  • more opportunity to earn graduation credit and increase the option to graduate early if desired.
  • more flexibility to schedule classes that they are interested in.
  • time to schedule extension classes or participate in gifted and talented opportunites.
  • time to schedule intervention opportunities that will help them become proficient in core classes.


  • Enterprise High School
  • Pine View High School 
  • Water Canyon High
Students on the Ten-Period Block schedule attend five (5) periods a day. Days are classified as an "A" day or a "B" day. Thus, a student will participate in the same 5 periods or courses every other day. As with any schedule, there will be challenges that will need to be resolved and addressed each year; how to best utilize the extra periods, how to develop a schedule for a teacher who teaches at two schools, new bell schedules, scheduling, class offerings, highly-qualified teacher participation, etc.
In the Washington County School District our commitment is to provide schools with the extra time needed to meet their students' varied needs. Schools are given the autonomy to choose how the 5X5 or Ten-Period Block schedule will best meet the needs of the students in their schools. Whether offering a block period of mathematics for all students, support classes for content courses, or additional offerings, schools and teams will choose how to best utilize the Ten-Period Block to meet their unique needs.