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past enrollment history

(October 1992 through October 2016)
Compiled from July end-of-year UTREx Clearinghouse report.
Compiled from October 1 UTREx Clearinghouse report

Note:  The federal government has required the change in racial/ethnic code classifications.  Under the new method there are 64 possible racial/ethnic code combinations. To simplify reporting at federal and state levels, 7 categories will be used.  It is possible that a student could be classified with more than one race.   

Race: a sociological designation identifying a class sharing some outward physical characteristics.

Ethnic Group:  Socially distinguishable from other groups and has developed its own subculture which can include nationality, religion, and language and has a shared feeling of "peoplehood".

These statistics provide data regarding students who enroll or withdraw during the school year. These students generate membership numbers for less than 160 days. A full academic year for a student is 180 days of membership. This report is taken from the July end-of-year UTREx Clearinghouse report.