What are common formative assessments?

A common formative assessment (CFA) is an assessment used for learning, that is, for teams of teachers to identify:

  1. Which students are proficient in the learning targets that lead to mastery of the GVC

  2. Which student need additional time and support

  3. Which teaching practices elicited the best results

CFAs should assess the learning targets/GVC that was established by the team. Every assessment a teacher gives does not have to be a CFA BUT teams do need to agree that they will give a CFA for every unit of instruction that measures learning targets and GVC.

Can we use the textbook or program assessments that we purchased?

Teams should not simply adopt a packaged assessment from a textbook or program and declare it their common formative assessment. Instead, teams should review the questions from these assessments and identify which of these accurately assess a student’s knowledge of the GVC/learning targets.

Elementary Math Video Example: