Panorama Elem. Model PLC School 2020

Panorama School Staff with banner that says "Solution Tree 202 - Model PLC School"

PLC School in Utah! Being designated and recognized as a Model PLC School is an earned recognition that demonstrates a commitment by our teachers to help every child learn, grow and achieve year after year. Responding to the recognition, Principal Steve Gregoire said, "We are honored and feel we are on the right track to improvement. Our teachers, teams and staff put student learning first and foremost."

This is such a difficult recognition to achieve, that only 11 schools in Utah are designated as Model PLC Schools. It is also important to know that of those 11 schools, seven of them are right here in Washington County School District.

Teachers at these schools work together in collaborative teams to get more children learning at higher and higher levels; in fact, they have to do it consistently for at least three years, and they have to establish cultures where high levels of learning can continue for many years to come. This is the only way to earn Model PLC status. We are proud of our teachers and staff at Panorama and how they consistently help our students succeed. Congratulations Panorama Elementary!

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