2020-21 Reopening Schools Plan

WCSD Approved District Reopening Plan

The following plan has been approved and accepted by the Washington County School District Board Of Education on the July 27, 2020 board meeting.

This plan conforms with Governor's and the Southwest Public Health Department's orders and guidelines.

Face Covering Mandate: Who has the authority?

Office of the Governor of Utah mandate regarding face coverings in K-12 schools. Link to full mandate here.

Under Utah Code §§ 26-1-30(3), (5), and (6), the Department of Health has the power and duty to promote and protect the health and wellness of the people within the state; to control the causes of epidemic, infectious, communicable, and other diseases affecting the public health; and to prevent and control communicable, infectious, acute, chronic, or any other disease or health hazard that the Department considers to be dangerous, important, or likely to affect the public health. 

Welcome Information

Virtual Learning Option Outline

Superintendent's Statement

Woman wearing white face mask

Please take a moment to read a letter from Superintendent Bergeson regarding the wearing of masks.

Dear Parents,

We set the standard for educating children; this is what we do. Whether your student prefers in-class instruction, online education or remote learning, we have developed and are continuing to create options and resources for our students. We really do lead the State in learning opportunities for children. With this understanding, please know that we will continue to provide the best learning environment for our students and will work to accommodate parent concerns throughout the continued COVID-19 situation.

As we look forward to the 2020-21 school year, let me explain a few things that will help you understand where the District stands with the reopening of schools. First of all, it isn't at our discretion as to whether we wear masks or not. The decision is statutorily assigned to the Governor's Office and the Public Health Department. They give the directives that we are required to follow. The only risk levels that would allow us to hold in-person school are yellow and green.  The green level would not require masks, but the yellow level does require masks to be worn whenever social distancing of at least six feet isn't possible, such as on a school bus or in classrooms where there isn’t enough space to distance students. 

Schools will only require masks if needed and would allow the removal of masks throughout the day for recess, lunch, and even in classrooms when appropriate. I personally prefer to not wear a mask and understand that most people don't; but if they help to reduce the number of Coronavirus cases, thus keeping us from moving back to an orange or red level where schools are closed, then I support mask wearing. I also feel a responsibility to protect our wonderful teachers and staff by following the directives we are given.  Children are great conductors of the virus and can easily expose or infect the many bus drivers, teachers, cooks, custodians, secretaries, administrators, and volunteers they come in contact with daily.  Without all of these dedicated people we would not be able to hold in-person school.

Students have significant benefits academically, socially, and emotionally with in-person school. Open schools also allow parents to return to work more easily, thus benefiting the suffering economy. Additionally, at the yellow or green levels, the Utah High School Activities Association will allow all sanctioned sports and activities to be held as long as the called for guidelines and restrictions are satisfied. If the wearing of masks, only as needed to comply with the associated guidelines and with an understanding of age and individual circumstances being kept in mind, is what it takes for this to happen, then I am strongly in favor of it. 

I hope this helps to answer questions and clarify concerns that some may have. As mentioned above, it should be noted that if schools open in the yellow level this fall, thus requiring masks to be worn as directed, the District is preparing additional options for parents to have their student(s) educated remotely instead of wearing masks. We are preparing for the success of all children in Washington County.


Larry Bergeson

Superintendent of Schools

Image of Superintendent Letter

WCSD Suplus Sale - 06/12/2020

Surplus Sale Information

WCSD Surplus Sale

Date: Saturday, June 13
Time: 8:0 am - 11:00 am
Place: Warehouse - 811 Brigham Road, St. George, Utah 84790

Some of the items available include: Commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, steamers, warmers, milk coolers, exercise equipment, welders, floor jacks, parts washer, outside vacuum, pottery wheels, file cabinets, vending machines, Hobart floor mixer, tables, student desks, teacher desks, chairs, large generator, projectors, smart boards, risers.

2020 Graduation Ceremonies

2020 Graduation
Class of 2020

Graduation ceremonies will be broadcast online via "YouTube Live" and on CEC-TV (TDS cable Ch. 22 & 108) at the following times. Links for each ceremony will become available shortly before the broadcasts and become active hyperlinks below. If you miss the live broadcast you can come back and watch it at any time.

Monday - May 18
1PM - Utah Online School