• Utah Core Standards

Utah Core Standards


This page was created to provide information for parents regarding the Utah Core Standards.  While the new Utah Core Standards are similar in content, purpose, and wording to the Common Core State Standards, the state of Utah retains local control of their own standards.  In the following links, reference to the Common Core State Standards applies to the Utah Core Standards.

Utah Core Parents Pamphlet http://www.schools.utah.gov/core/Parents/coreStandardsPamphlet.aspx

For more information Click here to visit the Parent Resource page for the Utah Core Standards (Utah State Office of Education), including links to the standards, fact vs. fiction,

To request a parent group meeting, contact your PTA or PTO leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I read the standards for myself?
    1. English Language Arts (ELA)
    2. Mathematics
  2. Why are there new standards? Does Utah have control over their own standards or are they dictated by the Federal Government? http://www.schools.utah.gov/fsp/College-and-Career-Ready/Meetings/2012-Spriing-Directors/Common-Core-FACTS---Brenda-Hales.aspx
  3. How will teaching and learning change with the Utah Core Standards?
    1. 6 Literacy Shifts for Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals?
    2. 6 Math Shifts for Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals
  4. When will we start assessing these new Utah Core Standards
    1. timeline for assessments SAGE
  5. What will testing look like? (demo link, link to the SAGE flyer) http://www.schools.utah.gov/assessment/Adaptive-Assessment-System.aspx

Name & Description

Video Link

Standards for Math

Learn about the key features and differences of new ELA & Literacy standards

Length: 14 minutes


Standards for ELA & Literacy

Learn about the key features and differences of new ELA & Literacy standards.

Length: 14 minutes


Teaching Channel presents:

A series of 1 hour public television episodes that explain the Common Core and how teachers use them to improve instruction.


Kris’ elem/inter/hs links to ccss videos from Teaching Channel (shown in ESDF May 6)